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White Papers

What are the goals of your content marketing strategy:

  • To raise awareness of a new solution to a problem in your industry?
  • To provide valuable and credible information about your solutions?
  • To ensure the technical features of your solutions will solve your prospects problems?

Then you need white papers.  White papers are a powerful tactic in content marketing.  An effective, persuasive white paper is well-researched.  It is based on established facts and logical arguments.

As well as engaging and educating your audience, white papers make an excellent call to action in a strategic content marketing campaign.

But not everyone can write a persuasive white paper.  A white paper that helps your prospects:

  • understand a technical issue
  • solve a problem
  • make a decision.

A persuasive white paper uses simple language to explain complex technologies.  I understand the science and technology behind your product.  I know the jargon.  I can translate that complexity into easy-to-read content.  Content that converts.

I am an environmental scientist with years of experience in in the water industry.  I research and write top quality science-based content (Click here to see more details about my skills and experience). Get a water quality scientist working on your next whitepaper!

Or maybe you have a white paper that hasn’t performed as expected.  I offer a readability revamp that may change that.

Readability Revamp

Science has proven that the simpler the writing the more believable it is.  And the more believable a white paper is the more persuasive it.

With my Readability Revamp service, an existing white paper is revamped.  I take the text and reduce the FK score and increase its FK readability.  With proper promotion, the revamp paper will fulfil its purpose.  Generate leads. Build relationships. Close sales.

The Readability Revamp package includes:

  • Revamp of an existing white paper. The paper must be in Word or Google Docs.
  • One revision by official reviewers.
  • Tips on promoting your revamped white paper.

Deliverable:    A more readable white paper.  Reduced FK score; increased FK readability

Turnaround:   About two weeks

Terms:            Fee payable in advance

Guarantee:     Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


The Strategic Plan

Planning is everything – the devil is in the detail!  When you engage WATER COPY to produce your next white paper, a solid plan is a required first step.  I use a proven process for planning your white paper.

The Strategic Plan package includes identifying:

  • How the white paper aligns with your content marketing goals(s)
  • Your target audience(s)
  • The best type of white paper: a backgrounder, numbered list, or problem/solution
  • The recommended call to action
  • Your target keywords and search terms
  • An official list of reviewers
  • Likely sources for further research
  • A high-level overview of the content
  • Recommended design guidelines
  • A realistic schedule to complete the project
  • My firm quote to complete the project

The strategic plan is yours.  You may choose to use a different writer or produce the white paper in-house.  Of course, WATER COPY is more than capable of executing the strategic plan and creating a successful white paper for you (see below).

Deliverables:  A detailed plan, covering everything you need to give your white paper a solid foundation.

Turnaround:   About two weeks

Terms:            Fee payable in advance

Guarantee:     Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


The White Paper

With the Strategic Plan in place, I then implement the plan and create an effective and persuasive white paper.  This includes my signature in-depth research.  Research that provides background and context to the problem in your niche.  And demonstrates how your company provides the best solution.

The White Paper package includes:

  • A draft Executive Summary for comments
  • Top-quality text with tables, pull quotes and footnotes
  • Journal-quality graphics
  • Journal-quality page design in Word
  • Reviewer’s checklist to keep reviewers on track
  • Revisions to incorporate comments (generally 2)
  • Complete reference list you can spot-check
  • Design tips for your designer OR
  • Design option: Professional design and graphics available for an added fee.

Deliverables:   Top quality white paper delivered as per the Strategic Plan

Turnaround:    Now booking for 2017

Terms:             1/3 payable in advance, 1/3 on delivery of first draft, 1/3 on final delivery.

Guarantee:       Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


To discuss your white paper requirements, call me on (415) 755-0324 , email me at  or fill in the contact form and I will contact you.

I look forward to working with you.