Does your water industry writer have these 5 key skills? (Final)

So far in this series we have seen the importance of writing well, water knowledge, understanding your prospects, and research skills.  This week, in the final post of the series we discuss Skill #5.

Skill #5:           Planning Skills

Writers have a dubious reputation when it comes to planning and project management.  You need a writer who can plan your content project and carry out that plan.  You need to know your content investment, which may be significant, will provide a good ROI.

You need to make sure that your efforts are focused on achieving business objectives.  It’s not about the content.  It’s about the business outcomes that the content can achieve.

What should be in the plan?

  • Goals: Ensure the content will align with your business goals.
  • Audience: Be clear about your target audience.
  • Content asset: Make sure the type of content is right for the target audience.
  • Call to action: Identify what you want the prospect to do after accessing the content.
  • Keywords: List keywords your target audience is searching for.
  • Research: Describe sources for further research
  • Overview: Outline a high-level overview of the content.
  • Review: Streamline the review process by identifying all reviewers in the plan.

Each content project must be planned, no matter how seemingly trivial.  You should find a writer that appreciates the importance of planning.  A writer who can help you plan and can then execute that plan.


We have explored 5 key skills your water industry writer should have:

  • Writing well. Able to convey complex scientific and technical information in clear concise language.
  • Water knowledge. Able to explain and illustrate large data sets using graphs, tables, conceptual diagrams, infographics.
  • Understands the water industry audience. Knows your prospects’ pain points and understands how your audience can change through the sales funnel.
  • Research skills. Able to find the evidence that proves your process and translate complex jargon into plain language.
  • Planning skills. Able to plan and execute the project effectively and efficiently.

If you want to build awareness of your products and services, you must publish quality content.  Of course, your company is full of talented people.  They all work hard in their core areas.  Pulling people out of productive roles to write content may not be cost effective.

In that case, hiring a freelance writer is the best option.  Finding a writer is easy.  Finding a good, much less an excellent one, is tough.

So, next time you’re looking for a freelance writer, be sure to check for the five skills we’ve looked at here.


To keep these key skills in mind, download and print the handy infographic:

5 Key Skills You Want in a Water Industry Writer



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