Does your water industry writer have these 5 key skills?

There comes a time in the life of every business when you realize you need a freelance writer.  A time when your key personnel are busy doing the things they do best.  The things that build your business and sell your products.

You know marketing today is focused on the internet as a way to reach potential customers.  And the internet is focused on content.  You have developed a content marketing strategy.  You have worked up a content calendar.

Now you need a freelance content writer.  How do you choose the best writer for water industry content marketing?  In this series of five posts we will explore 5 key skills your content writer should have in spades.

This week we look at Skill #1: Writes Well

Skill #1:           Writes Well.

It would seem obvious but the most important skill you want in a content writer is the ability to write well.  The ability to write clearly and concisely.  But it’s more than that, isn’t it?  The information you need to convey to your prospects is complex.  It’s scientific.  It’s technical.  And the language used in water industry content to provide this complex, scientific, and technical information is often unreadable. That is- it’s hard to understand.

writes well

A few things can make it hard to understand. The most likely is because the language isn’t simple enough.  And that’s important because simpler is easier to understand.  Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

How do you know when your content is readable?  It’s something called the Flesch Kincaid (FK) score.  It is a measure of the complexity of the text.  The score is derived from an analysis of the length of sentences, sentences per paragraph, and the common nature of the words.

writes well

For clear communication, as you want in your marketing content, a FK score of less than 8 is recommended.  In a random sampling of ten water industry websites, the average FK score was 16.

The other important attribute of a readable asset is structure.  The content needs to be presented in a logical sequence that draws the reader, your prospect, right through to the end. To the call to action.

The structure is unique to the type of content, which is unique to the audience.  And the audience changes as they progress through the water industry sales funnel.

Skill #1, then, for a content writer in the water industry is the ability to write well.  The ability to convey complex scientific and technical information in clear concise language.


Do you have a white paper or case study that didn’t bring the return on investment you had hoped for?  Perhaps it needs a Readability Revamp.

I am a water quality scientist with fantastic writing skills.  I offer a service that can improve your content’s ROI.  I take the text and bring the FK score down to 8 or below.  I will improve readability without “dumbing” it down. I will help your prospects take the action you desire.


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Stay tuned next week for skill #2:        Water Knowledge