Expert content writer offers professional writing services

White papers, special reports, e-books

A persuasive white paper, special report, or e-book uses simple language to explain complex solutions.  I understand the science and technology behind your product, your services.  I can translate that complexity into easy-to-read content for a lay audience.

I know when to leave the jargon in and when to take it out.

Ghost-written articles and presentations

Journal articles convince based on sound science and reasoned arguments.  I can take your raw data and expert analysis and produce a journal-quality article.

I can undertake a review of published literature and summarize the current level of understanding into a concise literature review.

I can adapt the article to be a presentation accompanied by PowerPoint slides.

Case studies

Have you solved an environmental problem for a client, a community, a country? Then get that story out there!  Let the world know how your company solves problems and makes a difference.  I research and write top quality science-based ‘good news stories’ that keep your brand relevant by telling your success stories.

Compliance and scientific writing services

As part of your work, do you produce complex technical documents? And do you find project timelines getting tight near the end of the project – the writing end?

I am a professional freelance writer with excellent writing skills.  I know the environmental and water supply regulators.  I understand how to comply with requirements under statutory instruments.

I can help you produce the required document, even on tight time frames.  The report will address all requirements in a Terms of Reference or compliance notice in clear, concise language.

Find samples of my work here.

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