What people are saying

I was always impressed by Colleen’s scientific way of thinking. She comes at the task at hand with a pragmatic, conclusions-based-on-evidence approach. When forming opinions, she always gives supporting facts, and is not swayed by emotional appeals.

Susan B, Los Angeles CA


Colleen has a great ability to focus on the task at hand and to act in an expedient manner. In the many years I’ve known her, I have seen her step up to what she feels needs to be said or done and act without reservation. I think this speaks to a level of courage, especially moral courage, to act on her convictions. This ability to discern and act were likewise evident in her work.

Bonna N, Ventura CA


Colleen has a great ability to research and analyse situations/desired outcomes and simplify it into layman’s terms so that anyone one can understand it. This is a pretty rare skill. Her eye for detail is exceptional.

Thomas T, Gladstone, QLD