Is your SEO strategy letting you down?


Is your SEO strategy letting you down?

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy based on keywords may not get you to the first page of a Google anymore.  Search engines no longer focus on single keywords.  Instead, they try to work out the intent of the user.  And what content will answer the user’s question.

As search engines get more sophisticated, so should your SEO.  It is all about content now.  In fact, content is king! We’ve all heard it, right?

It this blog we’ll look at how developing and documenting a strategic content marketing plan can send you back to the top of the search list.

What happened that makes content marketing so important to SEO?

In traditional SEO, you would scatter identified keywords throughout your website and social media sites.  To get the attention of search engines, you would put keywords both in the text and it the meta data.

Then, in 2013, the game changed.  Google introduced a new search algorithm, Hummingbird, that is much better at guessing the user’s intent.  Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query.  The whole sentence or conversation or meaning is considered, rather than particular keywords.

The bottom line is that Hummingbird is looking for content.  These days, to stay at the top of the search results, you need to supply quality content and supply it consistently.

Why bother with a strategic content marketing plan?

Content marketing has proven benefits for the water industry.  The most often-cited benefits are:

  • Generating leads
  • Building brand awareness
  • Engaging with prospects

Strategic content marketing benefits the water industry in other ways as well.  Water and wastewater treatment plants are big-ticket items with long service lives.  A sale depends on connecting with multiple decision makers.  Content marketing can help progress leads through this sometimes long, sales funnel.content marketing SEO

The best way to ensure quality and consistency in your content is to have a plan.  A strategic content marketing plan.

A robust content marketing strategy shifts the focus of your content agenda.  Rather than a mad dash, it’s a smart, coordinated approach.  An approach that delivers consistent business improvement.  With a documented strategy, you can deliver quality content consistently.

A strategic content marketing plan:

  • Identifies goals for content marketing that align with desired business outcomes.
  • Describes your audience and how that audience changes through the sales funnel.
  • Contains a content calendar that uses topics and tactics to lead your audience where you want them to go.
  • Assigns metrics that will allow you to measure the success of your content marketing campaign.
  • Schedules regular plan reviews to ensure continued relevance.

If you document your plan it becomes even more powerful.  Use it to engage management, the sales team, the entire work force.


Search engines are now focusing on the user’s intent rather than on specific keywords.  To stay at the top of the search results you must supply quality content consistently.

In the coming weeks, we will look in more detail at how to develop a strategic content marketing plan.


Do you have trouble producing enough content to satisfy your audience?  Do you struggle producing white papers and case studies? Lack the time to write those blogs, that newsletter article?

I am an expert water quality scientist with experience in the water industry. I understand the science behind your solutions.  I can interpret the jargon.  I can explain complex ideas in simple terms and compel your prospects into action.

Contact me to discuss your next content project.


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