Blog planning & writing

Blogs are an incredibly powerful yet cost-effective way to raise awareness at the top of the sales funnel. Consistently publishing quality content on your blog will position you as thought leaders in your field. It keeps you top of mind with your clients.

blog planner blog writing

Content for your blog can really tie all the parts of your content marketing strategy together. By re-purposing content from case studies and white papers you leverage these content assets in new channels.

The content for your blog must work toward achieving business outcomes. Plan your content to lead your audience where you want them to go. Plan for at least 6 months’ worth of topics; a year is better.  Put it all in a Content Calendar.

You say your team is already working to capacity delivering quality services to your clients? So how do you manage to produce and consistently deliver a quality blog every week? 

WATERCopy can help! I provide blog writing services that will make the whole process a breeze. You can contact me by:

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