Newsletter Services

Are you struggling to build and maintain strong relationships in the water industry?  Do you publish a newsletter regularly? 

Newsletters are an incredibly cost-effective way to build and maintain relationships.  Quality newsletter content helps position your firm as thought leaders in your field.  It keeps you top of mind with your clients.

newsletter writing

About 80% of your newsletter content should be about things your clients are interested in.  Issues in the industry, events, and research findings.  The other 20% can be about your company, exposing the human side of your firm to allow relationships to develop.

Content for your newsletter can come from all areas of your company and can really tie all the parts of your content marketing strategy together. By re-purposing content from case studies and white papers you leverage these content assets in new channels.  

You say your team is already working to capacity delivering quality services to your clients? So how do you manage to produce and deliver a newsletter every month? 

WaterCopy can help!  I provide newsletter services that will make the whole process a breeze.  It all starts with a plan. I work with you to develop and deliver an effective newsletter strategy that you can continue to implement in-house or allow WATER COPY to provide on-going content services.

newsletter writing

A newsletter can keep your company front and center in your client’s minds.  But it must keep giving, on a regular basis.  This can pose problems when everyone is already working to capacity. WaterCopy can take care of everything. 

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