White papers

What are the goals of your content marketing strategy?

white paper writing

Do you want to educate your prospects in a new solution? Maybe you want to provide valuable and credible information about your solutions to your audience. Or maybe you’d like to explain the problems your solutions will solve for your prospects.

white paper writing

Whatever the reason, you need white papers! White papers are a powerful tactic in content marketing. An effective, persuasive white paper is well-researched.  It is based on established facts and logical arguments. It is an excellent lead magnet in a strategic content marketing campaign.

But not everyone can write a persuasive white paper. 

A persuasive white paper uses simple language to explain complex technologies. I understand the science and technology behind your product. I know the jargon. I can translate that complexity into easy-to-read content. Content that converts.

I am an environmental scientist with years of experience in in the water industry. I plan, research, and write top quality science-based content. Get a water quality scientist working on your next whitepaper!

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